Saturday, 28 November 2020

Snowflake Splendour Christmas Tree Ornament

 Hi Everyone,

Today I am hopping with the Ink Stamp Share group and the theme is 'Christmas Tree Decoration' and I have made this pretty one using the lovely Snowflake Splendour designer series paper.  I've seen lots of these on Pinterest made out of all sorts of different papers and they look great and it only takes 1 piece of 6 x 6.  The tutorial I found was actually in Russian, so I just followed the pictures and the measurements are in metric which is a learning curve for me, I usually use inches.  It would work in inches too but would be slightly larger I think, it's really easy, let me show you how.


12 strips of dsp 0.5cm x 15cm
1 piece 6cm square
1 piece 6cm x 1.5cm
2 1" circles (cut with punch)
2 1" card circles in colour to match (cut with punch)
1" circle punch
Multipurpose adhesive
Small piece of ribbon or twine to hang it on the tree
Bone folder
1/8" hole punch


On the 6cm square piece of dsp mark along the top and bottom edge at 0.5cm intervals.

Make a tube by adhering the 1.5cm strip on the underside of the 6cm piece, curl with a bone folder and bring the other side around and adhere in place.

Curl the 0.5cm strips with the bone folder.

Starting at the seam adhere the paper strips all around the top edge placing each one over the top of the previous one at the marks you made with the pencil.

Bring the first one around the tube and adhere at the bottom on the other side of the seam to give it a twist, then follow around the bottom in exactly the same way, bringing each strip around from the top in turn and adhering over the top of the previous one.

It can be a bit fiddly but just take your time.

Adhere the dsp circles on top of the card circles, this will give them a bit of strength.  Punch a hole in the centre of one of them and thread the ribbon through and secure on the underside, I've just knotted mine.  Then adhere this to the top of the decoration and adhere the remaining one to the bottom.

There you are, a quick tree decoration and you can use up all that dsp you have lying about in your craft room. Here is an example with different dsp.

Please click on the link below and pop over to see what my crafty colleagues have made, there is sure to be lots of inspiration from some very talented crafters.

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Happy Crafting,

Karen XXX

Happy crafting,

Karen XXX

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  1. Love your ornaments, great way to use up strips indeed. In fact I made something similar recently to decorate my craftroom, but yours look much better!!

  2. This is really unique! Thanks for sharing! Might have to give this a try!

  3. These are stunning Karen and great instructions as well x

  4. that is so clever and makes a small piece of paper go a long way, thanks for sharing and well done for working in metric :-)

  5. Amazing ornaments. What a great way to use designer series paper.

  6. These tree ornaments are absolutely fabulous Karen xx

  7. Wow these are gorgeous, I love this idea, thank you so much for sharing, the instructions and hopping x