Thursday, 2 January 2020

Tropical Oasis Post it Note Holder with Calendar

Hi Everyone,

Today I've made a pretty post it note holder which would be ideal in your kitchen or craft room or as a little gift for someone. Most of the materials used for this project are easily obtainable from local stationery/pound shops/dollar tree stores or online. This is Project No 2 from #31dayscraftchallenge, #scrimpingmommy , hope you like it.


1 piece of chipboard 4" square
1 piece of dsp for the back board (measures 4" square but I have used a 6" x 6" square and cut around the board, see video on YouTube).
1 piece of contrasting dsp 6" square
Velcro dot
Small pen
Bulldog clip
Multipurpose adhesive
Post it Pad 3" square
Red line tape


Add glue to one side of the 4" square of chipboard and put it face down on the back of the piece of designer series paper. When it's dry, cut around the edge of the board, doing it this way, I think, gives a perfect finish. Sometimes the chipboard might not be exactly square or you might not cut your dsp exactly and it will show. (You can see what I mean easier if you watch the video.)

Cut a piece of dsp 3 1/16" wide and long enough to cover the front and about a third of the back of the post it pad and adhere in place.

Cut a piece of dsp which is 1/16" wider than the calendar (in my case, 1 7/8") which will cover the front and fold over about half of the back and glue in place.

Put red line tape on the back of the post it note pad and the top of the back of the calendar and then adhere in place on the back board as centrally as you can, with the post it pad up at the top of the board and a small gap between it and the calendar (the calendar will hang off the bottom of the board).

Add a bulldog clip over the post it pad so you have something to hang it up with. Add a velcro dot to the pen and fix to the back board at the side of the post it pad, as seen in the picture.

A quick and simple little gift idea or great for craft fairs too.  I hope you like it.

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Happy crafting,

Karen XX

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