Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Magnetic Post it Pad Holder

Hi Everyone,

Today I am making items for my next craft fairs coming up in March.  Post it pads are always popular, so I've made one with a magnetic clip so that it can go on the fridge in the kitchen. It's really easy to make and doesn't take very long and uses minimal supplies, I hope you like it.  I have lots of retired dsp so I am using that as a way of stash busting too!!


4" square piece of grey board
2 x 4" squares of dsp (I use a slightly bigger piece and cut it down once glued)
1 3" x 3" post it pad (I buy mine in a block of 4 from Asda  and I split them up, 89p per block of 4)
1 magnetic bulldog clip (I buy mine from the Range and they were £1 for 3)
Scrap of card stock 3 1/16" c 4" to co-ordinate for the cover
Scraps, cut outs, stamps, punches etc to decorate (the only limit is your imagination, use whatever you have to hand)
Multipurpose adhesive
Paper snips
Velcro dot
Mini pen (I bought these in Wilko)


Add adhesive to one side of the piece of grey board and then stick it down on the reverse of the side that you want to show.  I use a piece that is slightly bigger and line up on the straight edges and then once dry, cut away with the snips.

Repeat this on the reverse of the grey board so that now both sides are covered.

Place the post it note face down on a piece of card stock with a tiny border on three sides.  Add adhesive to the opposite end (about 1/2") and then fold the card stock over the top of the pad and smooth it down with the bone folder.

Decorate as you like and then clip to the board with the magnetic clip. I haven't glued it to the board so that I can use another pad when this one is finished.

Add a velcro dot underneath the pad, the hook side on the board and the furry side attached to the pen.

If its for you, stick it on the fridge, job done.  If its for a craft fair or a gift, put it in a cello bag and add a topper to make it look pretty.  Have fun.

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Happy crafting,

Karen XX

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