Saturday, 21 September 2019

Woven Threads Post it Pad and Calendar Holder

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to show you how to make this cute little easel stand to hold a post it pad and pen with a calendar on the front pocket.  It's very simple to make and would be great for teacher gifts, co-worker gifts or craft fairs.  Why don't you give it a try?

Check out the video on my YouTube channel:


1 A4 sheet of seaside spray card stock cut in half longways at 4 1/8" (you can get two from one sheet of A4)
1 piece of matching dsp 4" x 3 1/8" (I've used Woven Threads)
1 piece of matching dsp 3" x 2 1/8" (I've used Woven Threads)
1 3" x 3" post it pad
1 calendar
1 small pen/pencil
Multipurpose adhesive
Bone folder


On the long side score at 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 5 7/8", 6 1/4", 6 5/8", 10 1/4", 10 3/4", 11 1/4"

On the short side score at 1/4", 1/2", 3 5/8" and 3 7/8" to the 2nd score line only

Fold and burnish all the full score lines.

In the area where you have made score lines down to second score there will be two small squares on either side, these will form the tabs, cut up on both score lines to the second score and then remove the bottom square.  This releases the tabs and you can then fold and burnish the horizontal scores inwards, this will form the pocket on the front of the stand. 

Add the larger piece of dsp to the area that will be behind this pocket and then add adhesive to the inside of the horizontal tabs and making sure that you enclose the small square tabs at the bottom, fold these sides in and adhere, this makes the pocket.

The next set of score lines will form the pen holder, fold on the middle score line and make two cuts down to the next score line about 1" apart in the centre. Fold down on the two outer score lines and push the area between the cut lines upwards to form the pen holder. Run a bead of glue on the inside of this fold to hold it together behind the pen/pencil to form a ledge (see picture).

The rest of the score lines at the other end will form the concertina section to hold the front and back together, fold and burnish the score lines and then adhere the end section to the back of the pocket section at the front.  This will make the easel stand and enable your holder to stand on the desk/table.

Add the smaller piece of dsp to the front of the pocket and then add the calendar to the centre of the pocket.  Add the pen into the holder and it's finished.

I hope that you liked this tutorial and will give it a try.

Happy crafting,

Karen XX

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